5 Port External SATA HUB

SATA HUB 5-Port eSATA 1-to-5 SATA II Port Multiplier

sata port multiplier

SATA HUB External SATA Port Multiplier Box 1-to-5 SATA2 Port Multiplier

Works with Windows 7 Vista and XP
  • 1-to-5 Native SATA2 Port Multiplier
  • Provides an eSATA host and 5 eSATA Device Connectors
  • Built-in Silicon Image SiI3726 Chip, supports FIS-based and command-based switching SATA host controllers.
  • Advanced data aggregation architecture for ultra-fast read and write operations with FIS-based switching controllers.
  • High-speed, native SATA connection to host and devices.
  • Provides link and activity LED connectors.
  • Provides a DC Jack for DC Power Input
  • Supports 1.5Gbps and 3.0Gbps with auto-negotiation

  • *Requires an eSATA or SATA host controller compliant to SATA-IO Specification 2.6 with Port Multiplier Support enabled and operative.
    Please check your computer or device documentation to verify if it meets these requirements. If you are unable to determine if your computer or device meets these requirements, please contact us and we will assist you. We have many ways of enabling Port Multiplier support on computers that did not come with it.

    SATA Port Multiplier External Hub for windows and MAC

    The SS-3176HUB 1-to-5 native SATA2 Port Multiplier is designed to provide a high performance link between a single SATA2 host port and 5 SATA device ports. It expands one upstream SATA2 port to 5 downstream SATA2 ports. With its unique data aggregation and 3Gbps serial link capacity, it supports 5 SATA or SATA2 devices with auto-negotiation features over one single eSATA connector and supports both 3Gbps and 1.5Gbps devices automatically. It is able to take full advantage of 3Gbps host link bandwidth and FIS-based switching host controllers by bundling together data from device ports and sending it over the 3Gbps host link. TheSS-3176HUB is designed for optimum performance and expandability. With its hot-plug and hot-swap features, it is an ideal upgrade solution to support SATA and SATA2 devices for the rapidly changing data to preserve userˇ¦s investment in the SATA interface.

    Serial ATA Interface
  • 1 Upstream to 5 Downstream SATA2 Ports
  • Supports External eSATA Connectors
  • One DC Jack for External Power Input
  • Supports FIS-based and Command-based Switching Methods
  • Asynchronous Notification to Eliminate the need for Host Polling to Determine if a Device has been added, removed and hot-plugged.
  • Supports Serial ATA devices with up to 1.5Gb/s or 3.0Gb/s Transfer Rate Serial ATA Devices Supports 5 Serial ATA devices: Hard drives, Removable HDD, and more coming devices such as CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, Tape, IOMEGA, LS-120, DVD-ROM, PD, ˇK I/O Hardware Provides 1 Upstream and 5 Downstream eSATA Connectors. Supports One DC Jack for Power Input. OS Support Depends on the Upstream Host Controller. It is transparent from the Operating Systems. Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature: 0 to 55„aC (32 to 131„aF), 10% to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing) Storage Temperature: -40 to 75„aC (-40 to 167„aF), 5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing) Form Factor 5.90ˇ¨(L)x2.61ˇ¨(W)x1.02ˇ¨(H) (15.00 x 6.65 x 2.60 cm)
    • 1 unit $99.98
    • 3 or more units $96.98
    • 12 or more units $91.98


  • Flexible and Fast - our SATA II Port Multiplier PCB

    To connect multiple SATA drives to a Single SATA port idea, now is a reality, thank to Port Multiplier 1.1 specification SILM3726 - SATA II port multiplier enables the connection of multiple SATA drives to a single SATA host port for multiple storage applications. Combined with any SATA II controller, the our SIL3726 - SATA II port multiplier is the highest performance SATA port multiplier solution on the market. Base on SIL3726 chipset, the unique and sophisticated switching technology inherent in our SIL3726 - SATA II port multiplier is fully exploit the new SATA II signaling speeds of 3Gbps, as well as advanced host controllers that utilize Frame Information Structure (FIS)-based switching, NCQ such as, to create extremely high-performance yet cost-effective storage solutions.

    SIL3726 - 1 to 5 SATA port multiplier, a very reliable and extremely fast variety of storage applications can be accomplice, including home and consumer electronics storage (digital content and high-definition video), JBOD or RAID storage arrays, and server and workstation storage.

    Unlike other port multiplier, our SIL3726 - 1 to 5 SATA II port multiplier doesn't need to downshift its host connection from 3Gbps to 1.5Gbps when connected to 1.5Gbps hard drives. Instead, the advanced switching technology aggregates data to and from 1.5Gbps hard drives for transport at 3Gbps speeds over the host connection. When paired with a high-performance FIS-based switching controller like the eSATA-PCIX, which is capable of executing commands and transferring data to multiple drives concurrently, the SIL3726 - SATA port multiplier provides unequalled data throughput over a single SATA link.

    CGS-3726-A1 1-to-5 SATA II Port Multiplier

    1 to 5 SATA II port multiplier

    Multiplied ports from 1 SATA II connected cable

    Download user manual

    The latest in Silicon Image's SATALink™ family, the SiI 3726™ is a 1-to-5 Serial ATA (SATA) Port Multiplier designed to provide a high-performance link between a single SATA host port and five SATA device ports. With its unique data aggregation and 3Gbps serial link capabilities, the SiI 3726 takes full advantage of 3Gbps host links and FIS-based switching host controllers, like the Silicon Image SiI 3124, to provide ultra-fast read and write performance. The feature-rich SiI 3726 supports all port multiplier-related SATA II extensions, allowing system designers to exploit the full potential of SATA II across their storage solutions.

    SATA II 1 to 5 Port Multiplier Features

    • Supports 1-to-5 Native SATA2 Port Multiplier
    • FIS-based and command-based switching
    • Supports eSATA Host Connector
    • Supports 5 SATA Device Connector.
    • 1.5 GBps and 3.0 GBps auto negotiation
    • Provides Host and Device LED's
    • Physical Dimensions: 3.33" x 2.00" (8.45cm x 5.00cm)
    • Fit to most standard SCSI enclosure (SCSI I 50pin Connector Form Factor)
    • Uses Silicon Image's SATALink™ SiI 3726™ chip technology

    CGS-3726-A1 is designed to have SCSI 1 50pin connector form factor so it's idea for Quad bay SCSI case. SCSI Enclosure vendors who are using the SATA or SATA II devices now have an immediate and no-risk solutions to add Single eSATA interface to their product lines. sata port multiplier sata hub tech info

    The CGS-3726-A1 SATA II 1-to-5 port multiplier is aimed at higher-speed multimedia file storage applications. The CGS-3726-A1 provides the perfect solution for video or image file storage.

    Supports 48-bit addressing for large hard drives (>128GB). Connecting up to Five SATA 1,000GB drives giving Ultimate Storage Solution for up to 5TB.

    5 Port SATA HUB External Port Multiplier
    5 Port SATA HUB External Port Multiplier (PM) is the ideal solution for attaching large number of external hard drives to a computer. Designed on the same ASIC as used in this field proven SATA HUB PM, this EPM can connect up to 5 external eSATA hard drives to any system via one eSATA port.
    For more detail information on Port Multiplier technology, please review the following URL link:

    • 1 unit $79.98
    • 3 or more units $75.98
    • 12 or more units $74.98


    Uses a standard single Channel SATA II Cable to run up to 5-Hard Drives in a RAID or JBOD Configuration
    • Applications
    • CGS-3726-A1 aims at the higher-speed multimedia file storage's via a simple single external eSATA cable solution.
    • SATA II Mini Enclosures with multiple hard drives.
    • JBOD large storage enclosures with single cable connector.
    • RAID enclosures that use Software Stripe or Span.
    • Multi Drive Connection via single SATA II Cable.
    • SCSI I Bracket Mounting for Retro Fitting any Multi Drive Enclosure to new eSATA standard.

    Silicon Image SataLink technology

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